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E-Tag™ 4 Supertag

E-Tag™ 4 Supertag


The E-Tag 4 is your alternative the the Sensormatic VST®, or Visibile Source Tag, and the Sensormatic Supertag. This security tag is small by design so it does not interfere with your customers trying on tagged apparel thus eliminating a possible deterrance to a sale due to distraction.
Product Code: ARS-ETAG-GR-500
In stock: Yes
Our price: $240.00


Technology:Acousto Magnetic
Custom Frequency:Not Available
Custom Colors:Not Available
Length:2.2 inches or 5.6 cm


The E-Tag™ is loaded with added value features:
  • Same detection antenna found in Sensormatic brand security tags
  • Compatible with all Sensormatic Ultra Max® security tags
  • Shorter than the Sensormatic Supertag
  • This securitytag can be recylced through your Tag Recirculation Pogram. If you need help starting an EAS Tag Recirculation Program in your organization please contact us
  • Compatible with all Sensormatic manual and power detachers
  • Economical and environmentally sound
VST tacks and SuperTag tacks pin style can be used with this hard tag.

The E-Tag™ 4 Supertag can be used to protect

Apparel and other garments with the advantage of not getting in the way of the customer due to its small size.

Product Disclaimers

Atlas Retail Security Inc. is not affiliated with Sensormatic® or Checkpoint Systems.
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