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The Duraltag® is the smallest EAS security tag on the market with a specifically-designed coil that offers superior detection performance. It boasts a strong, tamper-resistant lock with a unique design that conceals the pin and enhances its tamper-resistant qualities. Pin included.
Product Code: ARS-DT-BK-500
In stock: Yes
Our price: $185.00


Technology:Acousto Magnetic, Radio-Frequency
Custom Frequency:Available
Custom Colors:Available
Finish:Smooth and polished
Diameter:34 mm
Length:4.5 mm pin length
Weight:33mm / 7.2 grams
Compliance:<strong><em><u>RoHS</u></em></strong><br /> <br /> RoHS compliance means that the components do not contain the following six hazardous substances: <ol> <li> Lead</li> <li> Mercury</li> <li> Cadmium</li> <li> Hexavalent Chromium</li> <li> PBB</li> <li> PBDE</li> </ol>
Warranty:5 years


The Duraltag&reg; features include: <ul> <li> Regular and SuperLock</li> <li> Hole for lanyard</li> <li> Stronger, tamper restistant lock</li> <li> Design conceals the pin</li> </ul>

The Duraltag® can be used to protect

Even the most delicate fabrics since it uses a smooth pin as opposed to a serrated pn that can leave holes, marks or even pull threads upon removing from a garment for example.<br />

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