ALL-TAG Barcoded SuperLabel® 33x38mm

ALL-TAG Barcoded SuperLabel® 33x38mm


ALL-TAG's SuperLabel® is a paper thin, self-adhesive EAS RF label with imprinted barcode on the surface. The size of each label is 33x38 mm and are ideal for protecting various products including, but not limited to, books, cosmetics, CD's and DVD's.
Product Code: ARS-SL3338-BCD-20KB
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RF Frequency:8.2 MHz
Custom Frequency:Not Available
Custom Colors:Not Available
Cover Of Label:Barcode
Label Length:1.31 inches or 33.7 mm with a margin of 0.5 mm
Label Width:1.5 inches or 38.1 mm
Label Thickness:0.009 inches or 0.22 mm
Space Between Labels:0.078 inches or 2 mm with a margin of 0.0019 inches or 0.05 mm
Labels Per Box:20000
Label Adhesive:Permanent Base Caoutchouc Solvant
Label Deactivation:Yes
Label Storage:Area with approximately 50% humidity. Light and UV sheltered.

The ALL-TAG Barcoded SuperLabel® 33x38mm can be used to protect

Area with approximately 50% humidity. Light and UV sheltered.

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