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RF I-Tag™ Ink Tag

RF I-Tag™ Ink Tag


The I-Tag ink tag provides retailers with a tamper resistant RF hard tag, benefit/denial, ink tag combination. The RF circuit is located on the locking clutch and when combined with the ink tag it forms one solid hard tag with the pin completely concealed in the middle.
Product Code: ARS-RF-ITITGC-1000
In stock: Yes
Our price: $555.00


RF Frequency:8.2 MHz
Custom Frequency:Not Available
Color:Gray & Clear
Custom Colors:Not Available
Ink Vials:2
Ink Fluids:Non-toxic, non-dry cleanable, non-freezable
Breakage Indicator:Located on top of the ink tag
Pin Style:Grooved or smooth
Pin Material:Stainless steel
Ink Tag Upgrades:SuperLock
Active Components:Wound coil
Locking Mechanism:Magnetic Clutch
Length:Pin length is 5/8 inches or 16 mm
Compatibility:Sensormatic Compatibile


Tamper resistant RF hard tag combination.

Theink vials are located on the pin side of the ink tag while the RF circuit is located on hte clutch side of the ink tag. When the two are combined it forms one solid security tag with the pin completely concealed in the middle, making access to the pin difficult.

A warning is printed on the ink side of the tag to inform shoplifters that injusry may occurr if an attempt to forcibly remove the ink tag.

Custom warning text or store logo's can be printed on the ink tags for large orders.

The ink tag can be removed from the merchandise using any magnetic detacher.

The RF I-Tag™ Ink Tag can be used to protect

Clothing or apparel considered high value.

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