RF Label Universal Deactivator

RF Label Universal Deactivator


This RF Universal Deactivator will quickly and permanenty deactivate any 8.2MHz RF security label. An audible beep and flashing light indicates the security label has been successfuly deactivated.
Product Code: ARS-RF-UD
In stock: Yes
Our price: $340.00


RF Frequency:8.2 MHz
Custom Frequency:Not Available
Custom Colors:Not Available
Detection Range:8 inches or 20 cm above the deactivator
Length:15.7 inches or 40 cm
Width:0.98 inches or 2.5 cm
Depth:11 inches or 28 cm
Power:12 VAC 200 mA
Compatibility:Universal Compatibility


Audible beep and a flashing light indicate that the label has been permanently deactivated.

The RF Label Universal Deactivator can be used to

Deactivate any 8.2 MHz RF EAS label at the point of sale.

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